ACTA leak as text: mixing patents up with international organised crime

For those of you who wish to be informed/involved in the development of the ACTA negotiations, which will certainly affect all free culture related issues (including free software, specifically software patents) in the countries involved, including of course the US and Mexico. FFM

From: Ciaran O’Riordan <esp>
Date: 2010/3/24

Subject: [Esp-action-alert] ACTA leak as text: mixing patents up with international organised crime

Dear ESP supporters,

The ACTA treaty is being secretly negotiated by certain countries (see end).
Luckily, a document has been leaked containing the January 18th 2010 draft
text for the treaty. …but the news is not good.

The treaty will not touch whether software is patentable or not, but it is
of concern to End Software Patents because it will give all patent holders a
range of new powers (even bypassing the courts), will expand liability, and
will increase the legal risks of developing products in patentable fields.

Detailed analyses will appear in the coming days -I hope to write one for myself- but for now I’m writing to point you to the leak
text. The leak itself is a PDF of scanned faxes, so I’ve been typing it up
as text for easier linking, searching, reading, and quoting:

The governments involved: United States, the European Union, Australia,
Canada, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore,
Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Ciaran O’Riordan
Executive Director, End Software Patents

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